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Kubrick Tribute Art Show , Spoke Art Gallery : Full Metal Jacket

Acrylic Painting By Anarkitty of Full Metal jacket inspired pinup for Kubrick art show

Born To Kill - Stanley Kubrick Tribute Painting

My Painting ‘Born to Kill’ was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Full Metal Jacket’ for Spoke Arts Kubrick tribute art show, With this piece I wanted to combine some of the theories that surround the film: Dualism (the Jungian thing), Jokers rejecting of his feminine self to finally become ‘A Killer’ (Killing of the young female sniper) and Mickey Mouse Club House theme (the loss of innocence).

Painting information

Name : Born To Kill
Size: 40x60cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Price : £650
Availability : Available – Buy Online here
Contact :
Location : Spoke Art Gallery (San Fransisco) USA
Limited Edition Prints : Available to buy soon

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