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The Birds original painting by Anarkitty for Gallery 1988's Hitchcock tribute art show

I'm neither Poo Nor Innocent: Hitchcocks 'The Birds' Inspired Painting.

‘I’m Nether Poor Nor Innocent’ painting was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds. This original artwork was created for Gallery 1988s “SUSPENSE & GALLOWS HUMOR”. Featuring is Tippi Hedren in a Pin-up style being pecked at by two Crows. One of these crows represents Hitchcock. I wanted this for two reasons. One he always liked to have a Cameo appearance in his films and secondly because of their controversy relationship in which it was claimed Hitchcock made her life a living Hell.

My Piece was originally created for “Suspense & Gallows Humor” Hitchcock tribute exhibition at Gallery 1988

Painting information

Name : I’m Neither Poor Nor Innocent
Size: 40x60cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Price : £650
Availability : SOLD
Location : Gallery 1988
Limited Edition Prints : Buy Limited Edition Prints Online

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